Explainer videos are the most recent trend when it comes to online marketing. It’s about time we realized that texts and graphics aren’t enough to explain your product.

The most common format is the simple cartoon animations or the whiteboard with plain handwritten text. They emphasize on a detailed explanation of your product and services.

With explainer videos you can get more clients and minimize the calls or text messages intended for more enquiries. It’s possible to underestimate their simplicity but they do give very big results. Here’s how;

1. Explainer videos help increase the amount of time people spend on your website. The longer they stay the better your google results and search rankings will become. Your bounce rate will be greatly reduced which is really a good thing.

2. If you use explainer videos be sure that you will be to access a wide range of platforms to advertise your products. This is true since these videos are flexible, they can adapt to various platforms. This can be done effectively along posting your video on your homepage.

3. Explainer videos lead to an increase in sales. Majority of people who use explainer videos for their businesses have reported an increase in sales as well as their conversion rate. From 45% of the surveyed businesses, 72% reported an increase in conversion rate while 64% reported a rise in sales.

4. Explainer videos are more appealing and engaging. It’s human nature to be impressed by videos rather that plain text. If videos are combined with text it acts as a virtual personal assistant for the seller to the buyer.

5. Most businesses are still lacking in customer service. You may not be always available to describe your products to the clients and texts and graphics may not be that effective. Businesses that use explainer videos have reported an excellent customer service.

Explainer videos should be in your next cart if you plan on improving your website. You can get services delivered to you in time by freelancers at sites like Fiverr.

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