Traffic Bomb # 10 Social Media Marketing

A large number of online traffic can be harnessed with the help of social media sites. Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others are so popular with Internet users that they have become a great source of traffic for many website owners. YouTube and LinkedIn have already been covered in this eBook because of their extraordinary strength, but other sites can just as well become a staple source of traffic for your site.
Beware of the Number One Mistake Before you get stuck into social networking, you need to understand one very important aspect of using these sites. These networks do NOT work for ALL types of websites! If for example you have an Adsense site, you are much better served by using any of the other suggestions because social traffic is bad for this type of site. The click value is effectively minimized because social traffic is often untargeted. On the other hand, social networking sites are great for people with specific products and services. Think about the type of people who use these networks? That’s right, everyone does: businesses, singles, professionals, kids, grandparents, parents, and many more. Fact is that you can leverage your website on these networks with a bit of planning.

Profile Magic

The first thing you need to do is to create a compelling profile. Personalize your profile with unique colors, themes and images. Make it sound fun, while keeping your professional image in mind. Network with the Right Crowd If you want to make an impact on these sites it is important to network with the right people. Ask yourself this: who is your perfect lead/visitor? Then go about capturing the attention of these people.

Mix it Up

Please don’t use these sites to spam your marketing messages day and night. You will get better results with a mixture of personality and marketing. Let your personality shine, show your network the real you, and intrigue them with fun, knowledge, free advice. Meanwhile throw in some of your marketing messages along the way. Reach Out to the Community In case you haven’t noticed, social networks are about being social. This means that you should not just promote your own stuff all the time. Reach out. By promoting other people in your network you’ll gain more credibility, respect, and ultimately more followers and traffic. Don’t Waste Your Time Social networks can be massive time suckers. Trust me on this. It would help to plan your marketing strategy by allocating no more than 15-30 minutes each day. If you don’t watch yourself, you are likely going to end up spending hours on those sites. This would then turn a potential great marketing method into a huge time suck.

Remember to Have Fun

People who allow themselves to have fun, achieve more in life. When marketing on social networking sites, don’t forget to have fun. These sites are first and foremost about connecting with others, making new friends and letting your hair down a little. Having said this, be careful of what you publish, because once it is out there, you can’t take it back!

Limit Your Networks

One of the best tips I can give you is to stick to a maximum of three networks. Choosing more is not recommended because you will get burned out trying to cook with too many pots. You are much better served by participating on a lesser number of social sites as a regular member, than trying to join too many, and never update your status.

How Much Traffic Is Too Much?

It is possible to have too much traffic to your website? It is certainly not the worst problem in the world to have, but one you should be prepared to deal with at some point. You never know what could happen if a boost of visitors beyond the capacity of your little website happens to stop by. When a website is overloaded it can shut down, or you might be forced to pay extra to your web host because you do not have enough bandwidth to support the influx of visitors. You are probably reading this thinking that you will not have that problem, but unexpected things do happen. As an example, a relatively small time blogger was recently invited to the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama to participate in a family and workplace forum. This event was widely reported on various news sites, including big ones like MSNBC and CNN. Exciting news for the blogger no doubt, but there is also potential for disaster. Her sudden popularity could cause her website to crash, or to stop running smoothly due to the increase in visitors. While the added visitors are certainly a boon to her business it does not look if a popular site has crashed. Luckily you can prepare for these issues. Do your best to make the necessary arrangements to keep your site from falling apart should it become popular all of a sudden. One of the other problems you could experience with a website is called a Denial of Service Attack. This is a malicious attack that will flood your site with so many requests that it causes the proverbial meltdown. These attacks can be very dangerous to your server, your website, and your business. In order to protect yourself you can use firewalls, and other software designed to protect and prevent others from loading your site with unwanted requests. It can be difficult to strike a balance between allowing those requests that build up your web traffic and those that go overboard with the intention of destructing your site. You may consider hiring a professional to assist you with this process. If your site is hosted with a good hosting company, and prepared with enough bandwidth there is no downside to getting a lot of traffic from your marketing efforts. It’s what you want, right? Therefore you shouldn’t skim on paying for decent hosting. For under $20/month you can get yourself set up with a reliable hosting company, and plenty of server space to withstand the biggest number of traffic.

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