Traffic Bomb # 8 Paid Press Releases

A well written press release submitted to some of the best paid online sites can drive large numbers of visitors to your site. It is well worth the extra cost, provided you do it for the right reasons. Writing a press release without a newsworthy message is not recommended. Anyone can fabricate a press release in the hopes of creating some extra traffic, but I wouldn’t recommend you do this unless you have money and time to waste. When to Write a Press Release? The best time to publish a press release is when you:

 Launch a new product, or service
 Employ new management
 Invent something
 Offer a freebie that is in hot demand
 Have something newsworthy to say

Why Paid?
I purposely recommend paid submission sites for the simple fact that they work. My absolute favorite paid site among all the available options is When you use free submission sites you might get the odd visitor here and there, but in my experience they are not worth the hassle. I much prefer to spend some money in return for increased user options and traffic. This is especially important if you offer a product that pays handsome commissions. You could easily work out what a lead from a paid PR site is worth to you with the help of

tracking software (mentioned earlier in this eBook).

One of the added boons of using paid PR services is the additional options to optimize the press release for search engines. Traffic Bomb # 9 Document Sharing Sites Document sharing sites are free online directories you can use to
generate traffic. Used correctly they are actually even more effective than article marketing because few people have realized how powerful these directories can be. You can use PLR content, your own unique stuff and upload it to these sites in Word, PDF, or as presentation slides. The most popular of them all are:

1. Scribd
2. Docstoc
3. Calameo
4. Issuu
5. Slideshare

Get More Search Engine Link Juice A great reason to use these directories is because many of them allow you to insert a live link into your document. Build more backlinks while driving traffic. Just like with your website or blog, you can optimize your document for SEO when uploading it to these platforms.

Fast Indexing
Google loves document sharing sites; so much so, that they often rank high in their search engine for specific keyword terms. As a bonus for using these directories you also get your content indexed super fast. Especially if you build a couple of backlinks to it after you publish your document. Optimize Your Docs for Optimum Results The easiest way to use document sharing sites to your advantage is by optimizing your document for search engines. You need to pay specific attention to the following parts of your document:

 Description
 Tags
 Title
 Length
 Text Font
 Footer
 Anchor Text

Basically you need to make sure that each of the above is using your chosen keyword, while also making sure you don’t go overboard. What I have found to work best is documents that range within the 500-700 word mark. I generally choose a font size of 14, or 16 because some people struggle if they have to read smaller text which could lead to a fast click-out. When you describe your document and tag it, make sure to use your primary keyword, and supporting LSI keywords. Keep the keyword count low. Going overboard here will only alert the “online content police.” Your best bet is to write informative, educational pieces of content that give readers enough value to want to know more. At the end of your document you should feature a live hyperlink (use proper anchor text) to your squeeze page to build your list. On your squeeze page you should offer a valuable freebie to help it make easy for people to subscribe to your list. I actually try and include two live links to my site (once at the beginning of the document, and once at the end). If your document is longer than two pages I suggest you include one live link for each page. The easiest way to do this is with the help of a footer, similar to what you might expect to find in eBooks. How to Make Your Document Sing To really boost traffic with this method it is important for you to immediately build some backlinks to your published document as soon as it goes live.

My choices involve the following activities:
 Social bookmarking
 Pinging
 RSS feeds
 Other backlinks

Socialmarker is a free bookmarking tool that can semi-automate the process of bookmarking sites. You still have to click on each profile, but if used on conjunction with Roboform’s web form filling ability you can do this in next to no time.

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