Traffic Bomb # 4 LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been, and continues to be severely underestimated by most marketers. Many see LinkedIn as a social network for businesses. It is. But there is so much more to LinkedIn that you need to peek underneath the hood to realize its power.

Step # 1 – Complete Your Profile

One of the first things to do if you hope to dominate LinkedIn traffic is to complete your profile. It needs to be finished 100%. Make it most compelling. The more interesting you can make your profile, the better it will convert traffic to your site.

Step # 2 – Link to Your Site

How many webmasters fail to do this? LinkedIn allows you to optimize your link with the help of proper anchor text (using your keyword). Use it. It will help you with branding and SEO.

Step # 3 – Tap into Your Blog

LinkedIn allows you to add a simple blog application that self- updates every time you publish new content. What better way to generate curiosity among your LinkedIn network?

Step # 4 – Network Like Crazy

LinkedIn isn’t called a social networking site for nothing. Take advantage of the vast amount of users on that site and network every single day.  Build your network by inviting more friends/business partners

 Participate in Groups
 Start your own Group
 Answer questions
 Update your status
 Comment
 Become ever present in your niche

The more you can become present in the minds and eyes of your

fellow LinkedIn users, the more traffic will flow to your site from your marketing efforts. Set aside 30 minutes each day to do this.

Step # 5 – Sign Up With Trillion

Trillian5 is the ultimate social networking tool par excellence. This intuitive software allows you to update, and keep in touch with all of your major social networks. Included are Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.
Instead of logging in to each of the above mentioned sites to update your status, you can now do all of this and more with the help of Trillian5.There are other, similar applications available on the Internet, of which Sobees is one. Regardless of which client you use, the important part is to USE them to save time and hassles. Software clients like Trillian5 take social network marketing to new heights, helping to generate large amounts of targeted traffic
to your site if they are used correctly. The key to doing so lies in targeting the right user groups on each network.

Traffic Bomb # 5 Launch an Adwords Campaign

There is no doubt in any Internet marketing pro’s mind that Google Adwords is one of the fastest methods to drive traffic to a website. The downside to using Adwords is the cost. If you don’t know anything about Adwords at all, you need to first educate yourself on the intricacies of buying PPC traffic. Done right, PPC traffic might be all you ever need, done wrong, it will cost you an arm and a leg… and then some!

Adwords Secrets to Increase Your Conversions Since this eBook is not long enough to include a detailed Adwords
tutorial I’ve decided to include some of the simplest, yet best “tricks” to increase your Adwords conversions. Drumroll please… Use All Keyword Matches, then Define the Ones that Work Best You need to use your keyword in all search spectrums; use exact, broad, and phrase match when bidding on keyword terms. This will capture a wider market of online searchers helping you to define which of the matches work best for your particular niche. The most important part of using and optimizing your Adwords campaign is to measure it. Google gives you all the tools you need to do this from right within your Adwords account.

Pick Negative Keywords
Negative keywords in your Adwords campaign allow you to define your target market even more. By adding these negative keywords you basically weed out certain search terms from your ad. This means your ad won’t be shown to unqualified leads, therefore not costing you money for wasted clicks. Target Misspellings This is definitely a dirty trick, but one that could earn you a nice little income all by itself. Misspellings in some markets are worth quite a bit of money. Some of these have high monthly searches and can relate to a ton of extra traffic to your site. Make the most
of them if you decide to use Adwords at all.

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