There are numerous activities you can consider for you to have a thriving data oriented organisation. Analytics produce features almost every month and since your business is no longer struggling you will always have new ideas to develop your business.

If I may ask,how do you know that you have the necessary tools ? What assurance do you have that your strategies and tools are the best you can have?

I summarised a few elements that can assist you or provide a criteria to use when choosing a web analysis tool.You will realize rhat what matters most is how often the tool is updated and not the tool itself.
Here we go…

1. Measurement model

You will never get to your destination if you don’t even know where you’re going.This is the main problem facing most people in the analytics field. It doesn’t matter how many tools you have or how many analysts you have, if you don’t have your strategic priorities the definition of good or bad performance will never occur to you. In order to solve this you need to have a definite Digital Marketing and Measurement Model and to do this you need to answer the following questions with the help of your management crew.

1. Why are you present in the digital platform ?
2. What strategies have you put in place to enhance your digital presence and make sure your business thrives ?
3. What business or critical metric will help you track your performance for each strategy ?
4. How do you know that the performance was good depending on the targets for each business metric ?
5. What individual traits are the most important for business success ?

With a digital marketing and measurement model you will know what to consider, what to ignore and you will spend less time on data analysis and more time making decisions and acting towards achieving the targets you stated above.

I know this is much to take in, I will continue with Macro and Micro Outcomes/strategy tomorrow.All the best as you make the right decisions in web analytics.

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