When using PLR it is extremely important to select the right PLR product as your starting point. There is a lot of PLR out there and much of it will be unsuitable for your needs, so it’s crucial that you get it right.

Believe me, a lot of PLR out there is utter junk – and if you select a crappy PLR product as the basis of your product then it rather defeats the object of using PLR because you’ll have to change everything to such an extent that you might as well have started from scratch in the first place. You need to find a PLR product that is well written and contains good

Have a read through the report and think about whether it provides value to the reader. Is the content useful? Does it teach you anything? Profiting From PLR Products 9 I’ve seen many PLR reports that contain next to no useful content. I came away thinking that I didn’t learn anything at all and that basically the “content” was junk.
Is the information correct and accurate? I’ve also come across PLR products that contain information or advice that I just know is plain WRONG. Is the content up-to-date? Seriously, some PLR products were created five or more years ago, and whilst the information might have been relevant and useful at the time, today it is just not relevant and/or completely incorrect. What is included in the package? Many PLR products come complete with additional extras – for example a ready-made sales page, squeeze page, graphics, minisite etc. Whilst I don’t recommend that you use these ‘as is’ it is always good if the package comes with such things because once again it gives you something to work with.

How editable is the package?
Profiting From PLR Products 10 Most PLR products come complete with all source files (original Word documents, editable PSD graphic files etc) but it’s always worth checking that they are actually included. What is the PLR license? The PLR license stipulates exactly what you can and can’t do with the PLR. As a bear minimum you should be able to freely edit the product and be able to change it etc – but you need to look carefully at the restrictions. Some PLR products for example say that you aren’t allowed to give the product away for free – or that you can only resell the product above a certain price. Think carefully about what you plan to do with the product (sell it or use
it to build your list etc) and check that the license allows you to do what you want.

I generally like PLR products that come with an unrestricted (or virtually unrestricted) license because then that gives me complete freedom to do what I like. How many PLR licenses are available? Some PLR packages are only sold to a limited number of people (say 200). Profiting From PLR Products 11 The less people have the PLR the better and more valuable it is because it gives you less competition. So where do I find good quality PLR products? There are a lot of providers and potential sources out there.

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