Re-writing your PLR product

To make your PLR product unique, you’ll need to re-write it so that it offers the same basic information, but also offers something different from what the PLR report offers. You can do this through researching and adding your own information and by removing any information you don’t think is relavent for your purpose.

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Read through the report and remove the information you don’t want to include first. This will give you a good idea of how much more information you will need to add back in the report to keep it valuable to your audience. After you remove the information, then you can start thinking of ways to put your own additional information back into the report. Read through the report again, this time looking for places where you can add additional tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help your audience maximize their investment, be it time or money. Look for places where you can add examples, or provide step-by-step tutorials so that you’re adding value to the report while also keeping it different from the original PLR. Why Re-writing your PLR is Important Why is this important? Well, if you offer the same PLR report as someone else on the Internet, without making it different or especially valuable, then your target audience has no reason or incentive to grab your report over the hundreds, or maybe even thousands of other people out there offering the same report. This is especially true if you are trying to sell your product. If a person can find your product for free online, why would they want to pay for it?

If you’re giving it away for free as part of a list building effort, it needs to be different to encourage people to join your list, rather than the lists of other people who are offering the same thing. The additional material can come from multiple sources, and this is where search engines can be your best friend. If you know what you want to add, but aren’t quite sure where to start, read a few articles on the subject to see if you can come up with ideas. You can always re-write several of the articles you read, taking bits and pieces from each one, to develop the unique additional information you need for your report. Are your writing skills less-than-perfect? Don’t worry! There are several websites, listed below, that you can use to outsource to freelancers who write for a living. These sites allow you to find freelancers who can work within your budget and timeline, so you can minimize the monetary investment if you are on a tight budget. When using sites like these, be clear about your task, budget, and desired turn around time.


Choose a bid that you believe will provide you the best value. Don’t necessarily go with the cheapest bid, or the one who can get the job done the quickest. Look at all the bidders work to determine who can get you the best work at the most reasonable price, and try to remember: you get what you pay for. If you do not have the financial capital to invest in hiring a writer to re- write the report for you, then you may want to try writing it yourself and then have a close friend edit the material for you to make sure it is grammatically correct and cohesively fits within the report.

If you’re still not confident in your ability to produce quality work, then you could also try looking to barter with someone for their services. Warrior Forum is a great place for this. In exchange for their writing services, then you could offer to market and promote one of their products/services for them, using your power and skills as an Internet marketer. Remember though, time is an investment worth money. If your time is better spent marketing and working on other aspects of your report, then you are much better off paying a freelancer to write the report for you, than you are trying to agonize over the details just to save a few bucks. The decision you make will be based on how you feel about the required time and money investment to get the job done. Though how you go about re-writing the report will vary based on your skill, knowledge of the topic, and available capital, you can produce a high quality unique product within a short amount of time.

Re-packaging your PLR product

Now that you have completely unique PLR content for your product, it is time to re-package it to create a truly unique product. Slapping the same sales page, squeeze page, and graphics together with the new content doesn’t make it a different product. Remember, people will see the same sales and squeeze pages over and over again, so even if the product is different, they may not realize it if they are reading the same stuff they have seen attached to a similar product before. This means that in order to make what you have to offer something totally different from what all the other marketers out there are using, you need to change the name of the product, rebrand it with additional/new graphics, and revamp the sales and squeeze pages. When all of this is complete, you will have a marketable product different from anything else available on the Internet.

The best way to handle this is to break it down piece-by-piece.

First, rename your product. It doesn’t have to be too terribly different from the original, because it still needs to convey what’s in the report. For example, if your PLR is titled: “How to House Break a Puppy” you could rename your product to something like, “Puppy House Breaking 101: Tips to Train Your Puppy” or “The Insider’s Guide to House Breaking Your Pet.” Then, break down the sales and squeeze pages. If sales copy is your thing, then you should have no issue with re-writing them yourself like you’ve done with the PLR content. However, if you struggle with writing,
it may be time to outsource the task. If you are confident that the writer you hired to re-write the PLR could produce high quality sales content, then you may want to consider reaching out to that person again. It is worth noting, though, not all writers who excel with projects such as re- writing PLR will be successful with sales copy. Use your best judgement here, while considering the time and money investment as your guide. Next, it’s time to focus on rebranding the graphics and images included in your product, as well as the ones used to market it. If your product uses screenshots, create new ones that are similar. If there are other graphics, look for stock graphics and photography that convey the same meaning without using the ones in the orignal PLR. Your product cover is a key area where you need to be unique from the original PLR, because people will definitely recognize a cover they have seen more than once, whether the product name is changed or not. You have a few different options here. You can create the graphic yourself using a paid sofware such as Photoshop if you’re savvy when it comes to design. You could hire someone to design one from scratch for you, using the previously mentioned freelance websites. You could use any number of online tools meant to create ebook covers, such as:


Profiting from your PLR products
So – you’ve learnt how to choose PLR products and then turn them into your own unique products by re-writing, re-packaging and adding your own information. Now it’s time to use them! In this section we’re going to outline some of the things that you can do with the products that you create… Put together a list building and money making funnel You can use your new product as an incentive for people to sign up to join your email list, so you can sell to them again and again. This is why crafting a unique product to serve a need is important—make your free gift worth paying for, and you’ll get a happy subscriber. Even though the product is free, when a person signs up to join your list,
you can include another paid product as a one-time-offer (OTO) immediately after confirming their email address. Though not all subscribers will buy the offer, you can start getting a decent return on investment almost instantly. To make this work for you, you’ll need to draft a series of auto- responder emails, and provide something of value to your readers on a regular basis. While it is an excellent sales platform, if you toot your own horn too often, you’ll lose subscribers. When you lose subscribers, that’s potential money walking out the ditigal door. For people who don’t want to give their new product away for free, you can offer it as a paid product, and use your OTO to promote another PLR product, or a related product or service you are promoting as an affiliate. This gives you income from the initial sale, along with the potentital for additional earnings through your affiliate sales. Bundling the offers can also increase the perceived value, and you can adjust your pricing accordingly. No matter which path you choose, the products you promote should be related to one another. If they are not, you look like you’re just trying to sell whatever you can to whoever will buy it, and your conversion rates will not be high. Your aim is to solve a problem or fill a need for your consumers; and by using related products, you can do this two-fold. For example, if you are in the travel industry, you can offer a free (or paid, if you’re not going the free route) vacation planning guide, while upselling any number of vacation packages as an affiliate. Launch a product through JVZoo

JVZoo is an excellent selling platform for your products. You’ll get paid a commission for any sale you make, and you’ll get access to a variety of tools, without spending a single dime out of pocket. One of the best things about JVZoo is that people who don’t want to sell products of their own can sign up an affiliate to promote any product listed there. Setting up an affiliate program can greatly increase your income, because you have a built in sales team, but you don’t pay them a dime until they make a sale. However, this is something many product creators shy away from, simply because running and maintaining an afiliate program can be costly, depending on how you do it. By using JVZoo, you don’t have to pay for affiliate program setup, and everything is handled for you. Every product you sell through JVZoo will get its own affiliate page where you can provide marketing materials to affiliates to help them succeed. Not only will you get an easy-to-manage affiliate program, but your affiliates will get instant comissions, and will be able to track them with instant W9s. Your customers will get instant delivery to keep the affilates working on sales, not customer service. Since the platform integrates with Aweber and Get Response, you’ll increase your mailing list every time someone buys your product.

Create a viral report
People look to give away materials on their blogs/websites/social media networks to provide soemthing of value to their readers. Many times, these website owners don’t have connections or large sponsors to give away big ticket items, so they turn to PLR to help them. Profiting From PLR Products 23 When you create your own product, you may want to consider making it available under a PLR license with giveaway rights. This means people can give it away to their readers/fans/followers, which increases the chances of it going viral. When something goes viral, it spreads quickly, and widely. Ultimately, everyone who’s on the Internet to make money wants something they create to go viral, but the vast majority of people are not able to produce material that goes viral. So, how can you do it? Think about something that people in your niche want or need. Think about what they would enjoy, or find entertaining. Create it, and package it with giveaway rights so people in your network can share it with people in theirs and so on. If your package has a link back to your website or an offer where people can purchase your other products, then you have great potential for earning money without much effort.

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