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As soon as I get an idea for an ebook that gets me excited, I write it down. Keep a pen and pad, or tape recorder, with you at all times. Then, I transfer it into a 14” by 17” sketch pad. It’s a drawing pad so there are no ruled lines.I designate at least one sheet to my new idea. And, then I just go crazy on it. The secret I’ve discovered is to forget about logic, linear thinking or organization. Just let go and pour out whatever is inside you at that moment.

In other words, my mind is usually going in 10 different directions when I scribble on the pad. One minute I’m writing a brief table of contents on one section of the page. The next minute, I’m writing a killer headline that just came to me, for that product. Pretty soon this large 14” x 17” page is filled up with scribbles, notes, gems that I brainstormed. Everything that I can think of gets recorded, from the ads to the design to the actual content. I also let the idea simmer in the back of my head for a few days (and nights) and each time I get bits and pieces of insight, I make a note of them all. (It’s very important to let your mind relax and roam freely, in limitless manner. That’s when some awesome ideas can cometo you. After you’ve given your brain a goal to focus on, sleep on the idea and let your brain really go to work on it, unhindered.)

Planning The Outline & Content
Since this report is about creating products fast, you’ll notice me offering you some amazing shortcuts throughout this report that will help you get your ebook written super fast! To get my outline and content setup, I just go back to the sketch pad and play with it. I like to see everything laid out in front of me before I arrange them into any kind of order or sequence. Of course, it doesn’t have to be done on a large sketch pad, like I do. Find out what method works best for you and do that. You can just as easily create a document on your computer and start jotting down ideas for the book there. Basically, you want to make a note of all the sub-sections you will want to talk about. Then, when you’re done listing these sections/chapters down, just arrange them in a sequence/order that makes sense. You’ve now got a table of contents, or at least the first draft of one. Here’s an easy way to get some ideas on creating an outline for your book: just look at the existing books on the subject! Whenever possible, try to use what’s already out there, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Go to the library and pick out a book on the subject you’re writing about and see how they have it all laid out. DO NOT copy it. That’s plagiarism and it’ll get you in trouble. What you are doing is research, gathering ideas so that you can create your own masterpiece. If the book you’re looking at has a good outline, you can model off of that. If the outlines (table of contents, etc.) are hard to follow on that book, you can improve on it when

creating your ebook!
It’s a great way to a feel for what to do and also what not to do by looking at existing samples of work. That should be the core mindset for you while you’re creating your own products: Make your product better than what is already out there! I can’t tell you how much time to spend per day on each chapter because I don’t know what your lifestyle or schedule is like. Just spend some time working on the chapters, one at a time, and pretty soon you’ll have the ebook completed. Here’s what I would suggest you do each time you sit down to work on your ebook: Look at the Table of Contents you’ve created and pick a subject/chapter that most interests you at that time. Work on that chapter!
You’ll enjoy the process a lot more if you’re writing about something that excites you at that moment. If you’re excited about the subject you’re writing about, your reader will feel that excitement while reading your ebook.

Avoiding Doubts, Fears, and Writers Block
When you’re a beginner it’s easy to doubt yourself. After all even seasoned writers still have to battle their fears and over come writers’ block now and again. Here’s a simple remedy: do whatever it takes to shift your focus. That’s all there is to it. Put the project aside for an hour or even a day if you have to. Go watch something funny on TV. Listen to your favorite music. Read a motivational book or article, play with the kids, or just go for a walk. It’s really not as difficult as we often make it out to be. Just change the track your “train of thought” is currently riding on. Don’t feel guilt for putting it off if you’re just spinning your wheels, think of it more as regrouping so you come back fresh. It also helps to envision the end result. For example, if you’d like your book to earn you $50,000 per year, keep seeing/visualizing that result consistently, as if it has already happened! This process will burn the “success” image into your brain and pretty soon, doubt will be a thing of the past. Once you get excited about the end results you’ll achieve, get back on the computer and start writing! Proper Layout and Design Don’t make it hard on yourself, especially if this is your first ebook. Just go out there and look for the best sellers related to your subject. Study the best ones and find out why they are the best. What is it about them that are appealing to you? Then, use those formats as models.

Here’s an easy way to make your ebook easy to read: suck the reader in! Most how-to books are dry and boring, with just a list of facts and figures. Make yours entertaining too, if possible. Keep this in mind: “It’s not the story that makes it a hit. It’s how the story is told!” See, anyone can write a book that delivers facts and figures. But few people can write a book that others will want to read. This is why it’s so important to be passionate and excited about the subject you’re writing about. It’s also why you want to write in a conversational tone instead of the rigid formal tone. You don’t want to sound like a text books.

Inject your personality into the ebook. If you have a great sense of humor, give your readers a taste of that. Be yourself; if you try to be somebody you’re not, your ebook will sound unnatural. Price Structure

How do you decide what the best selling price is for your ebook? Again, look at what’s already out there. Research is your biggest ally in this business. See what other sellers are charging for their products and look at the sales page to find out what they’re offering in exchange for that price. And whenever possible, I take a look at the actual products others are selling, to see how well they’re done and if they are worth the asking price. Then, there are several ways you can use that information. Here’s an


If most people are charging $47 for the standard info on the subject,
you should aim on offering:
1) a better product/package, and
2) a better deal/offer.

You can either offer the same or similar information for say $39.97… or you can keep the price at $47 but add some valuable bonuses to the package to increase the perceived value of the overall package or provide additional useful info in your main product that other people are not offering. Make yours better! Promoting Your Products If you have an existing mailing list, tell them about your new ebook first! Offer them the best deal possible – a special offer that no one else will be getting. Treat your own list the best and tell them that you are. Offer your customers an affiliate program so they can promote the product to others while they earn a commission. If you don’t have your own list start sending out ‘joint venture’ offers to other businesses in your field. Offer them a nice-sized commission (at least 50%) and explain to them how they (as well as their customers) will benefit from the deal. Send out at least one JV letter, per day! Joint ventures with other marketers and business owners can pull in amazing profits! They’re the best promoting tool available for writers and marketers — especially online! You can also use highly targeted ezine ads to get customers. Here’s a twist to this technique: instead of targeting customers, target affiliates who will help you sell the product! This strategy can grow your business very quickly!

If you don’t have an existing customer list here’s another strategy that can work well. Write short, focused articles and submit them to targeted ezines. Articles can be a great way to get viral advertising working for you. There are hundreds of other strategies you can use. However, the ones listed above are some of the best and most effective. Always go for ‘quality’ traffic verses ‘quantity.’

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