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Creating products is not difficult. But if you really want to make good money in this business and establish yourself as a respected expert, you have to be unique! This is so important that it’s worth repeating several times. Come up with a unique product or service, or a unique twist/angle to an existing product. Of course, the latter is much easier and quicker to do.

If you’re in a highly competitive niche, take existing ideas and products and find ways to improve on them considerably. Find an area within your field/niche that needs attention but isn’t getting any. Look for ‘holes’ in your niche. Figure out what the main problems and frustrations of customers that other marketers and business owners aren’t addressing. You can find this by, doing surveys, visiting message boards and forums, etc. Target a sub-niche (a smaller niche within a large niche) that isn’t overflowing with competition, or one that isn’t being addressed yet. Example: When I first got into online marketing, the ‘spam’ laws were just beginning to come about. Marketers were just starting to get away from sending unsolicited email because they didn’t want to get in trouble. The online business was changing. New marketers were tip-toeing around the issue. They either got in trouble for sending unsolicited email, or were too afraid to even approach email marketing in fear of being labeled a ‘spammer.’ I noticed the area that needed attention: permission email marketing. Email marketing was the easiest and cheapest way to build a business. But people were too afraid to use it. They needed a step-by-step guide to using email marketing the ‘right way’ – using opt-in methods so they wouldn’t get in trouble. So, that’s what I wrote about. Email Marketing Strategies

Revealed! And, this is the book that put me on the map.
A really powerful way to come up with unique ideas is to study other businesses that are NOT related to your market. If you’re in the online marketing field, look at the real estate business, the plumbing business or any other non-related business. If you look closely, with an open mind, you will find many creative and unique ideas that you
can bring back to your own business and surprise your market! They will think you’re a creative genius! 😉 Don’t hold back when you’re trying to come up with new and creative ideas. Let your brain take off – freely and unhindered. Think back to when you were 8 years old. Get back in touch with that “nothing is impossible” energy that children possess. That can be your greatest ally in business.

Every now and then I’ll come up with a completely original product idea, but usually it’s just stuff I see happening around me. I look at what’s already selling, what’s already or is just starting to become popular.

I use my creativity to put new twists to existing “winning” ideas. That’s the shortest route to success! By giving it a twist, it sort of becomes a unique product. Just learn to pay attention. Keep one ear on the ground. Notice what’s getting the most shelf space in bookstores. Visit discussion groups in your niche. Get on mailing lists, etc. In short, get out there and hang out among your customers and competitors (either online, offline, or both.) Do that and you’ll never run out of ideas to write about. However, I’d strongly recommend that you give your product idea a little “twist.” Make it unique in some way so that it’s not the same old product that everyone else is selling. That little twist can make your product stand out and sell very well.

Here’s an example from my past:
When I first started my ‘Secret Collection’ of ebooks several years ago, no one was selling it the way I was. People were selling individual reports, on various niche subjects, but you rarely saw anyone put it together the way I had. And there was a reason no one was doing it. It was difficult to group those products together and still maintain a “theme.” Take for example subjects like online investigation, self defense, credit tips, beating speeding tickets and UFO’s. None of these products seem to have anything to do with each other. Or do they? With a little creativity and some editing – yes they do. I put them into an ebook with a “secrets” theme. My main selling point and headline was; “Discover Secrets You’re Not Supposed To Know About!” In the package, I revealed online investigative secrets, self defense secrets, credit secrets, UFO secrets… and so on. Suddenly, all these products – on different subjects that normally could not be grouped together – worked very well as a package. And even better people were interested and bought it. I got the “package/membership site” idea from a marketig forum. It wasn’t an original idea but by paying attention, I duplicated something the top marketers were already doing. But, I gave it a twist that was
original. At least for the online crowd.

You don’t have to be an inventive genius to have a hot product. Just watch for what’s selling. Then, focus on solving problems, on providing solutions, on creating value for others, on making your product better than what’s already out there, and you’ll do great. Power Tip: Here’s another major reason for coming up with a unique product. Not only will the customers love your product but other businesses in your field/niche will become interested in working with you. Nothing can build your business faster than joint venturing (partnering) with other successful businesses. And nothing will get other businesses to want to partner with you more than a unique product that really solves the problem of your target market.

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