Purchase ‘Private Label’ Rights

You could either search for owners who are already offering private label rights to their products, or approach authors and ask for it. Private label rights offer you the right to insert ‘your name’ as the author of the product. You don’t have to write a single word except type in your name and website information. You could either pay for these rights with cash, or barter/trade using your own products and/or reprint rights. Hands-On Video Or Camtasia Presentations Another super easy way to create a high-value product is to create a “how-to” video or computer presentation simply by recording yourself (or an expert) while working on the project. For example, you could create a “how to” product that teaches others to use/learn the features of Microsoft Word by recording yourself using MS Word and explaining the features.

Create A Package Using Existing Products

Approach several product owners and ask them to donate their product to your project, in exchange for publicity and a cut of the profits. Once you have a bunch of products from different owners, package them together and sell the bundle for an attractive price. Also, allow each owner/participant to promote the site to their own customers for a cut of the profits. It doesn’t cost you a thing AND you get to build your own list fast!

Public Domain Information

This is another strategy/topic that’s hot right now. Look for public domain information and republish, re-author, re-title and/or repackage it. You could also go after out-of-print informational products and work out a deal with the original publishers/authors. Case Studies Ask several experts to offer a case study of their most recent project. For example, if you’re writing about press releases, you would ask each contributor to give you a copy of their last ‘successful’ press release and explain the what/why/how of the reason for its success. Compile the case studies into a guide that you can sell.

Checklists and/or “Top 10” Lists

Create or ask an expert to put together a simple checklist that one could use as a guide. For example, you could put together a ‘travel checklist’, which travelers could use to ensure that they have everything they need before they leave. You could also use the same idea to create a “Top 10…” list for any subject. Example: “Top 10 Ways To Increase Your Website’s Profits,” etc.

Sell Your Ideas

Instead of creating the products yourself, you could put together a report that lists all of your creative ideas, so that others could use them to create their own products (kind of like this list. 😉 You could even create a membership site where you share one or more newideas each month.

Hold A Contest

If you’d like to write a report/ebook on ‘creative landscape designs,’you could hold a contest and ask everyone to submit their best ideas/designs and allow you reprint rights to the submissions. Then compile all the submissions into one report/ebook. Make sure you state on the entry form that all ideas will be published. Templates, Forms, Etc. Create templates for others to use, compile a bunch of them together to create an instant product. Example: If you’re a graphic designer, you could create ebook templates, header templates, web site templates, etc. If you’re a copywriter, you could offer several web copy templates that people could use to easily create their own sales letters, etc. You could do the same thing with commonly used business letters, forms, etc.

Resources List

You could very easily compile list of useful resources on certain subjects and turn that into a product. Example: a list of free advertising sites, article submission sites, free hosting or free web space sites, free clipart, free auto responders, etc.

Directories and Guides

You could also create a directory of sites, resources, software or even businesses. For example, you could create a list of the best restaurants in your area and offer some information on each, as well as dining tips, and so on.

Capitalize on Trends and Fads

Here’s an easy way to create a hot-seller. When the ‘Lord of the Rings’ craze hit the big screen, people started selling anything and everything that even remotely tied to the movies in some way. Fans bought ’em all! The same happened with ‘Sideways’ and the wine craze, Aitkin’s diet craze, and every other fad or trend that hit mainstream media. What current hot trend or fad could you attach to your product? Your product doesn’t even have to be an actual product! You could just as easily compile a bunch of powerful testimonials about someone else’s hot product, add your affiliate links to it and pass the document around. Allow others to pass it around freely as well. Pretty soon your little report of testimonials can start earning you commissions. Yes, it can be that easy, if you decide to make it that easy. Remember; don’t let how ‘most people’ create products limit your creativity and options.

Choosing Winning Topics

The standard way to come up with a winning ebook idea is to study your market. Find out what the problems and frustrations of your market are and pick a subject that people are desperately needing answers to. You can also simply “ask” people what they want. If you already have a customer base, just ask them what kind of product they’re most interested in and are willing to pay for. Then, create that product for them. The best way to ensure your ebook’s success is to choose topics that provide solutions to existing problems. But there’s an easier way! I don’t particularly like to work hard unless I absolutely have to. So, if there’s a shortcut to be found, I’ll find it – or I’ll create one! Whenever I want to create a new product, I just look at what’s already selling well out there and I give that product/idea a unique twist. Just follow the experts and top sellers, watch what’s hot on Clickbank.com’s Marketplace (i.e. what sells the most,) check out Amazon.com and see what’s moving there. Go to forums and look for common problems or complaints people are having.

Here are a few more resources you can use to do research for your product:

Copernic 2000 – This is a free software that searches multiple search
engines simultaneously to find what you’re looking for.

DataGrabber – This tool targets hundreds of public databases to dig
up information.

Deja.com – allows you to search lots of usenet newsgroups

Forum One – If you need to search through forums and message
this is your best bet.

Encyclopedia.com – Obviously this site allows you to search through
their massive database of articles, at no charge.

Look at hundreds of newspapers all over the world.

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