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Creating products is easy; all you have to do is break away from thelimitations of the ‘standard’ way of creating things. In other words, you don’t have to do all the work yourself! In fact, if you get a little creative, you won’t have to do any of the work! You don’t even have to know a thing about the subject that you’d like to create a product on. The tips and strategies provided below will definitely get your brain firing on overtime. 😉

Interview An Expert

The fastest and easiest way to come up with a high-value product is to interview an expert on the subject that you want to write about. How do you get this expert to talk to you? Easy, you ask them. After all, by using their name in your ebook, they’re getting free exposure and publicity. Plus people are flattered when they’re asked to be interviewed; it’s a compliment on their talents. Your interviewee will enjoy talking about their area of expertise, it’s their passion, and they’ll love sharing it with you as long as you appear enthusiastic and gracious.

You can also interview several experts and compile all the interview into one product, in order to cover different angles and strategies on one subject. Or, you could pick a general subject, break that up into sub-sections and then interview an expert for each sub-section. For example, if you’re creating a product on ‘Internet Business Success,’ you could interview an expert on product creation, another on copywriting, one on marketing strategies, and so on. Your interview can include a set of specific questions, or just one question that requires a detailed answer. You could also ask the expert to offer you a step-by-step plan that readers would be able to follow to get to their goal. The easier you make it for the reader, the more likely will he be to buy your product. There are various formats you could choose to conduct and publish the interviews. You could simply send the questions to them via email and publish the answers into a report or ebook format. You could also choose to meet the expert one-on-one and record the interview, or you could conduct the interview over the phone and record it that way. If you choose to record the interviews, your product package could then contain the audios as well as the typed up transcripts. Or if you choose to video tape the interview you could sell copies of the recorded video. Your pricing would vary depending on which formats of your products you provide.

Record Your Own Tips and Advice

If you’re an expert in a subject yourself there are quite a few ways you can market your knowledge. One option is to get someone to ask you preset questions and record/transcribe those. You could also do a free or paid tele-seminar, record that and turn that into an instant product. Offer it as downloadable audios, an actual CD, or just the typed up transcripts. A similar strategy can be used on live seminars. You can either video tape the seminar; make an audio recording of it, or both. Consider inviting other experts to join you in the seminar, than turn 1t that into an instant product. These days’ webcasts are also popular. It’s simply a seminar via the Internet. Easily recorded then transferred into another product.

Turn Existing Content Into Products

You could easily contact a whole array of experts and ask them to submit their best articles or reports on a particular subject. Then, compile them into a larger report or even an ebook. Each expert gets to include their web links at the end of their content so they get free publicity from the submission. It’s a win-win situation. You could expand the exposure of your newly created product by giving all the experts who participated, the chance to sell the product to their own customers. You can also use this strategy with interviews as well. This is called a joint venture it and will expand your customer base quickly which means increased sales for you. The same idea can be used to borrow or reprint sections of ebooks, audios, or even existing videos. Contact the author and ask for permission to reprint the content in exchange for free publicity. If you want to create a product for the ‘copywriting’ crowd, you could contact several copywriting experts and ask them to submit a sales letters that they wrote for one of their products. You could compile all the submitted letters into one mega collection of “proven sales letters.” You’ve got an instant product! Take this idea further still and ask each expert to break the letter apart and explain the specific techniques they used to create it. That added information could easily double or triple the value of your ‘proven sales letters’ package. Now think of other markets that would find expert advice invaluable and you’re on your way to making tons of money.

Update/Republish Existing Information

Find an ebook/manual that’s at least a year old and ask the author/publisher to update the information. For example, you could approach the author of a “free classifieds” directory and offer to help update the information to include all the new resources that came about since the directory was last published. You could also approach the author of a printed product and ask to convert his product into an audio CD…or visa versa. Or how about taking an ebook on ‘general gardening tips’ and modifying it for the ‘vegetable gardening’ market? Co-Create A Product Another way to save time is to ask an expert to co-create a product with you. If it’s an informational product, you could both write it together, and split the workload. The product would be finished in half the time. The same can be done by involving several experts/authors. Each one would get assigned a portion of the work, say one chapter per author, if it were an informational product. Help Finish Incomplete Projects

Most successful product creators, especially informational product creators, have at least one unfinished product. You can offer to help them finish it. The profits and exposure can be shared between the two of you. This can be applied to ebooks, reports, manuals, manuscripts, even software/scripts or non-informational products.

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