Health – General / Broad Market

Segments include:
– How to lose weight
– How to prevent /cure acne
– Gout
– Menopause
– Pregnancy

Rinse and repeat this formula with any broader topic and you’ll likely find a handful of desperate markets.

Relationships – General/Broad Market

Segments include:
* Get your ex back
* Avoid Divorce/ Repair Marriage
* Improve Sex Life
* Pick Up Women / Men

These are desperate markets that consist of highly motivated prospects who are anxiously looking for a solution or answer to their problem. Keep in mind that the best markets consist of buyers who are looking to relieve their pain whether emotional, physical or mental. Another easy way to find and evaluate niche markets is by using a handful of free reosurces online, including: Yahoo! Buzz Google Zeitgeist Offers access to Google Trends, Trends for Websites, Hot trends and more: You can choose
to research specific areas or locations (if you were interested in targeting the US market, you could adjust your search query to only include US results), or you can search globally. You’re simply looking for broad ideas and potential niche markets that you can later evaluate closely. Don’t overlook other resources for finding hot niche markets including popular magazines through , books via, hot searches through and through digital marketplaces including You’ll be able to come up with
enough niche ideas to keep you busy for years!

When it comes to evaluating niche markets, you also have to pay attention to relevant ‘keywords’. Keywords help you define who your customer base really is. If you created a website featuring a product on starting a Cake Decorating business from home, simply focusing on the keywords “Cake Decorating” wouldn’t necessarily draw in targeted traffic because not everyone looking for Cake Decorating tips is interested in starting their own home based Cake Decorating business. Some may just want to explore new cake decorating techniques or recipes and would not be part of our target market. However, if you know what keywords people who are really interested in creating a Cake Decorating business are entering into the major search engines, you can separate those people from the rest of the herd and effectively target your customer base by matching your keyword based marketing campaigns with the exact keywords they are using. That’s the importance of keywords; to drill down into your niche market so that you are directly targeting your customer base, rather than just a broader niche market. When it comes to evaluating the profitability of a market before you set off to create your own info-product or promote existing products as an affiliate marketer, keywords can also help you determine exactly how profitable the market is, as well as how much competition exists within the market. So, begin by evaluating potential markets. Then, work towards evaluating the products featured within each niche market and

finally, evaluate the level of competition. Determine whether the niche is penetrable and if there is a fresh new angle that you can take to stand out in the marketplace. Then, build targeted campaigns around promoting niche products or develop your own original information product to cater to the ever- growing demand. Use keywords to better target your customer base, and to serve as the foundation for all of your marketing campaigns.

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